(At a book festival)
Yasmine : "Hi! My name is Yasmine. What's yours? " Asri : "I'm Asri." Yasmine: "I'm from Bandung. Where do you from?" Asri: "I'm from Japan." Yasmine : "Wow, it's so far from here. Do you come all the way here just to meet Andrea Hirata?" Asri : "Yes, I do. I like reading novels and I'm a fan of him. How about you?" Yasmine : "That's great! I like reading too." Asri: "What's your other favorite writers?" Yasmine: "I like Rick Riordans and J.K. Rowling. How about you?" Asri: "I like J.K. Rowling too. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy books. What genre do you like?" Yasmine: "Me too! By the way, do you come here alone?" Asri: "No, I come with my cousin. My parents don't allow to me to go alone since I'm still in high school." Yasmine: "Oh, you're still a high school student. Ar…

Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me
Hello peeps!
It's me, Yasmine Aliyah Garinanda or just call me Yasmine in short. 
I was born on 13th of July 2002 in Bandung. I am the eldest child in the family but I still act like a little child. I look as childish as I act and I have a small build (r:body) so sometimes people mistook me as a junior high school student. If you lose me in a crowd, just look for the shortest girl because that must be me. 
My voice is not really loud and I talk slowly or softly so please always be all ears on me. My shy personality doesn't help me too. I don't have enough confidence or courage to talk in front of the public. I'm not a really friendly person either. So, I only talk when it's necessary unless you're close with me. I'm also not aware of things around me. It makes me look like I'm arrogant, self centered or I don't want to be friends with anyone. But, in fact, I like making new friends even if I'm not friendly. Yeah, that's kind …