Puss in Boots

A miller had three sons, a windmill, a donkey and a tom cat. When the miller died, the oldest son was given the mill, the second son was given the donkey, and for the youngest son only the cat was left. Sadly he asked himself, "What can I do with a tom cat? I suppose I could have him made into a pair of furry gloves."

"Listen," said the cat, who had understood everything. "Don't kill me. Have some boots made for me and soon I will make you rich." The miller's son was very surprised that his cat could talk. So he had a pair of boots made.

The cat became Puss in Boots.

Then he took a sack and threw some grain into it. He attached a string to the top so it could be pulled tight, and then he walked away. At that time there was a King who loved to eat partridge for his supper. Puss in Boots knew this and had thought up a plan. He opened up the bag with the grains, and laid it on the ground. He laid the string along the grass and hid behin…

ArtScience Museum Singapore

In this entry, my friend, Fitya and I will tell you about ArtScience Museum Singapore.

ArtScience Museum is one of the most popular museum in Singapore. As the name suggests, ArtScience Museum beautifully fuses art and science to tell fascinating stories.

The Museum that is located in Marina Bay Sands Singapore has an iconic design architecture. The museum’s structure is meant to symbolise the welcoming hand of Singapore with 10 fingers. The tip of each “finger” filters in natural light to showcase exhibits in the best light. There are 21 galleries spread over three storeys with a total floor space of about 50,000 sq ft. The most popular gallery is Future World.

So, come and visit ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore!

For further explanation, watch our video here:

LDKS or Student Basics Leadership Training

This post will be all about me telling my experience on Student Basics Leadership Training or LDKS.
First of all, LDKS, "Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa" or Student Basics Leadership Training is an annual 3-day-training program that is held to improve the students' confidence and skill in leadership. In this program, we will be trained to be discipline too. In Indonesia, it is a must for every public senior high school to hold this event, including my school, but only for the 10th grade students. Now, let’s get into the story!

This year, as a 10th grader, I participated my new school LDKS. It was held on 21st until 23rd of September at PUSSENIF, some kind of place that is like a educational Infanteri training for Indonesia's national army or TNI. I was really afraid of hearing rumors about how cruel LDKS is and that we'd be trained by soldiers. But, there was nothing I could do so I just packed my things.

At the first day, we had to come early in the morn…

What will you do on holiday?

Achmad :  "Hi guys! how are you today?"
Dara       :  "I'm good!" Yasmine :  " Hi! Don't you realize it's a week left to our holiday?" Dara       :  "That's right! Do you have any plan?" Achmad :  "I think i'm going to the unicorn ice cream store because it has a different theme from the                      other store or going to savanna in Africa. It would be cool!" Yasmine :  "That sounds interesting! I've never heard that kind of store. Where is it?" Achmad :  "You haven't been there? Dara has been there twice!" Dara       :  "Yeah, it's near our school. How about you min? Do you have any plan? Yasmine :  "I think i'm going to have a vacation in some island around Papua. Raja Ampat. But,                              Unicorn Ice Cream Store sounds exciting. I think I'll visit it too." Achmad :  "By the way... what about yours Dara?" Dara       :  &…


Hey, it’s me again!
Now, as our teacher gave us the task to tell our experience that made us feel grateful the most, I’m going to tell you my most desperate experience (that I still remember) which make me grateful that I’m not that clumsy anymore.

The most desperate situation I’ve been in is when I was lost around my grandparents’ house. I was about 8 years old when I first came to my aunt’s house. My parents were talking with my grandparents in the living room. As a kid, I couldn’t sit still nor play with my hand phone like right now. Since I got bored, I asked my aunty who was the same age as me to take me to the playground or just take me anywhere that would make me feel better. She decided to take me outside the house. I nodded and followed her. We went out of the house without telling our parents. I wasn’t familiar with the neighborhood since it was my first time there. So, I felt curious and kept looking around to see anything around us but I still walked behind her. I was att…

Conversation Dialogue

(At a book festival)
Yasmine : "Hi! My name is Yasmine. What's yours? " Asri : "I'm Asri." Yasmine: "I'm from Bandung. Where do you from?" Asri: "I'm from Japan." Yasmine : "Wow, it's so far from here. Do you come all the way here just to meet Andrea Hirata?" Asri : "Yes, I do. I like reading novels and I'm a fan of him. How about you?" Yasmine : "That's great! I like reading too." Asri: "What's your other favorite writers?" Yasmine: "I like Rick Riordans and J.K. Rowling. How about you?" Asri: "I like J.K. Rowling too. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy books. What genre do you like?" Yasmine: "Me too! By the way, do you come here alone?" Asri: "No, I come with my cousin. My parents don't allow to me to go alone since I'm still in high school." Yasmine: "Oh, you're still a high school student. Are you on holiday?"…

Get to Know Me

Hello peeps!
It's me, Yasmine Aliyah Garinanda or just call me Yasmine in short. But I prefer to be called Mine.
I was born on 13th of July 2002 in Bandung. I am the eldest child in the family but I still act like a little child. I look as childish as I act and I have a small build (r:body) so sometimes people mistook me as a junior high school student. If you lose me in a crowd, just look for the shortest girl because that must be me. 
My voice is not really loud and I talk slowly or softly so please always be all ears on me. My shy personality doesn't help me too. I don't have enough confidence or courage to talk in front of the crowd. I'm not a really friendly person either. So, I only talk when it's necessary unless you're close with me. I'm also not aware of things around me. It makes me look like I'm arrogant, self centered or I don't want to be friends with anyone. But, in fact, I like making new friends even if I'm not friendly. Yeah, t…